1000 KMS to Leadership is a lucid epitome of the life of the author, his running experiences, and passion for life, published by Invincible Publishers.

Mohit Chobey is the Chief Commercial Officer at Meritnation. He is a business leader across many industries and has an expertise in sales and operations. He is also a runner and a fitness freak, having participated in a number of running events.

The chief guest of the event Kena Shree, a prominent writer and storyteller congratulated Mr. Mohit and had an insightful conversation with him. The second chief guest of the evernt, Mr. Chewang Motupappreciated the author for writing a book that would inspire millions around.

The MD Invincible Publishers, Mr. Ajay Setia was present at the event. In conversation with him, Mr. Setia said, “The book is a masterpiece, providing the readers with valuable life lessons and inspires us all to achieve goals with our infinite potential.”

The event was organized with all precautions, keeping in view the Covid-19.

The book explores the author’s experience as a runner and an ironman. He has run the ‘Ultimate Human Race.’ Being a transformational business Leader and a Ted X Speaker, Mr. Chobey has now penned this book which gives us an insight into his journey from being a businessman to an Ironman.