S Rao, a business professional, comes forth with his maiden attempt at writing, Life an Opportunity: Rise, shine and Win, to motivate readers to always keep a positive outlook towards life and events. It is a book that enlightens readers with aspects related to consumer companies and how they conduct their businesses. In addition, he also discusses a number of sales and promotional ideas to help organizations expand their business as well as market share.

Rao has acquired immense professional expertise by virtue of having worked in various private sector organizations and holding important managerial positions in the same.

Keeping business in the backdrop, Rao weaves a story of love, transformation and success of the protagonist, Vikram who finds inspiration through the love of his life. Vikram, who is at disadvantageous position in life as he loses his parents early on, goes on to attain success overcoming all hurdles and obstacles. Life an Opportunity: Rise, Shine and Win attempts to motivate and inspire the readers to go achieve their goals no matter how difficult the circumstances are because there is always light at the end of the tunnel.