Saugata Chakraborty, a central banker and public speaker currently serving as Deputy General Manager with RBI, is coming forth with his latest work of fiction, A Language of Lies that revolves around the life of an acclaimed con artist and his journey encompassing lies, attempts to establish meaningful relationships, rise to fame and ultimate downfall.

Chakraborty has been an avid reader since his school days and is currently engaged in editing a Bengali webzine ‘Sorosee’. He also delivers speeches on different aspects of financial markets and frauds in various institutes. In addition, he has acquired various certifications including an A Certificate from ACI, Paris and is also a certified Associate of IIBF.

A Language of Lies is based on real life incidents and characters. It explores the themes of fraud and cheating and how these are carried out by successful cons. The book promises to take the reader on a journey of the exploits of a con artist whose acts would resound through Miami, LA, western Europe and Dubai for a timespan of thirty years. It attempts to make the readers aware of the susceptibility to be cheated. It takes the reader on a rollercoaster of lies, betrayals, fraud and the inevitable ruin that follows as a consequence of indulgence in the same.