The bestselling author of a number of celebrated novels such as Rhythm Roger-The Secrets of Electon, Himanshu Rai, has come up with his latest, a crime thriller, She Erased Her, that revolves around the events that unfold after the protagonist’s recovery from an accident and the ensuing coma of eight long months!  A series of events begin to unfold that confuse and terrify the protagonist, Samira, who is unable to recall anything prior to the accident and the readers alike, who are taken on a rollercoaster of a myriad of emotions encompassing love, revenge and betrayal.

The author hails from Sagar in Madhya Pradesh, holds a passion for writing from an early age and has won accolades for his works to carve out a niche for himself in the writing world. He attempts to incorporate real locations and events into his narrative, thereby creating a visual reading experience that pulls the reader into the storyline to create an experience that feels almost close to being real. The gripping and nail-biting plot of She Erased Her promises to take the reader by surprise as the narrative nears its conclusion, leaving the reader with an unforgettable reading experience that continues to run through their mind for a long time thereafter.