In our daily jam-packed schedules, health and wellness often take a backseat. Even with our good attempts, sometimes getting back on track is tough. But it isn’t so when taking care of your health is fun. And it is, actually, when we have a good guide to push us ahead. The Pill that worked’ by Mridul Sharma is a well-researched book that covers all facets of health and wellbeing, on both physical and mental levels. The ongoing breakthroughs in technology have smoothened every nick of our lives. Even though this has opened doors for our minds to wander on meaningful questions, we have forgotten the basal pillars we’re built on. Humans are designed to be wanderers in every dimension, both physical and mental. But, nowadays, most of us have forgotten the physical aspect of it, leading to the rise of diseases like obesity, diabetes, cancer, and so forth.

This book covers the science behind the fundamental aspects of humans: exercise, diet, and sleep. It discusses the significant influence these three factors play in our life, and gaining control of these factors opens doors to endless opportunities, from boosting memory power to even fighting deadly diseases. The book is written by Mridul Sharma, a prodigious young student, and has been published by Invincible Publishers. It also has a section on weight loss that lays down the foundation and teaches how to regulate our body weight and not the other way around.