Have you ever felt excluded in the office social gatherings? Do you hesitate to share your thoughts with your colleagues? Do you hide certain aspects of your identity at the workplace? Do you get stereotyped at work? If your answer to any of the above questions is ‘Yes’, the chances are your work culture is not adequately inclusive.

Gone are the days when investment in Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) was considered as something which is just good to have, now it is clearly emerging as a source of competitive advantage for organizations. Investment in D&I has a clear business impact. Inclusive organizations are not only good for the employees and the community, but also for the business. In this context Shraddhanjali Rao (VP & Head-HR, SAP in India) and Bhrigu Joshi (Director-HR, SAP in India) recently authored the book titled ‘Why Blend in When you can Stand Out?’ with the mission of making corporate India a more inclusive place to work. It is published by Invincible Publishers.

The book is a step-by-step guide that will help organizations to become more diverse and inclusive. It details out more than 500 best practices/innovations that will make it easy for organizations to integrate diversity with each stage of the employee life cycle and to integrate inclusion with each stage of the business value chain & culture. It has been written specifically keeping in mind the challenges faced by the business/HR practitioners while implementing the D&I agendas in their respective organizations. The book consists of a self-help toolkit based on the state of the art Next Gen Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Maturity Model that helps to profile the ‘As-Is’ and ‘To-Be’ maturity states of organizations on D&I.

In addition to the business/HR/D&I practitioners, this book will be immensely useful to the HR students who want to understand key concepts of Diversity & Inclusion, their application in the workplace, the role of technology in making organizations inclusive, and key future trends on the topic. One of the unique aspects of the book is the way authors have used storytelling at certain junctures in the book to subtly reflect the reality of Indian workplaces and the problems which the practitioners face as they embark to make their organizations more diverse and inclusive. It is available for buying in different formats on Amazon and Flipkart.