Childhood is not only about chocolates, dolls, or Hot Wheels trucks; or growing up to the latest music videos and gadgets; at least not for this gifted seven-year-old girl who is set to publish her collection of stories and poems soon in September, as an attempt to showcase something “so-far-unseen” for all readers — both young and old. The young prodigy, Abhijita Gupta, had started writing when she was a little over five years old; and her first book is being brought out by Invincible Publishers, one of the trusted names in the publishing industry.

She is the youngest poetry writer in India, currently in Class 2. The writings in the book have been left untouched so that the innocence, with mistakes included, of the child is not diluted– thus, giving a crystal-clear, unrefined insight into how the mind of a child works and what things interest her, flowering the child into the full bloom of natural quintessence. For the author, one can say that every little thing around her matters: what she sees, she hears, she touches, she smells, the tastes and she feels: constantly soaking-in the environment around her and at the same time, soaking-in the reader into her mesmerizing, vivid world.

Ajay Setia, MD Invincible Publishers said “ This book is for all; the children and grownups alike and proffers pure humane values like an elixir.”