Invincible Publishers is all set to launch Dr. Shilpa Patel’s 4 Tatvas of a Leader, a delightful read with compelling insights on what makes one a leader.

The 4 tatvas are brought to us through the story of a young entrepreneur, Vinay Raghuvanshi. We undertake a voyage with Vinay and learn about leadership as he learns, from his excellent mentor, Namrata. The book introduces four elements – air, water, fire, and earth – and ties them up with key aspects of different types of leaders. The story of the mentor-mentee is engaging while the lessons to be learned are educative. Dr. Patel, a Corporate Trainer and Leadership Coach, delivers an absolutely amazing analysis of what goes into the making of a leader in this book. This one by Dr. Patel is a must-read for budding entrepreneurs and business leaders alike.

Published by Gurugram-based leading book publishing company, Invincible Publishers, Dr. Patel’s book is now available on Amazon.