First time author, educator and storyteller, Jyoti Bisht, is making a foray into the writing world with her maiden collection of short stories, Half Truths, that explores a variety of themes through an assortment of characters and the interrelationships among them.  She weaves fourteen unique stories in a comprehensible, smooth and fluent manner that provide the readers with a pleasant reading experience encompassing varied themes and plots that range from funny to emotional and philosophical.

The author was born in Mumbai and completed her education in the hill states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand and majored in English Literature.  Taking forward her love for the language, she continued to impart knowledge to students by incorporating storytelling and instilling an interest for creativity among her students in her teaching career spanning thirty-five years. Half Truths is based on her personal experiences to a fair degree, hence the title! She holds a keen eye for observation, specifically of human relationships and life, in general. In her collection of short stories, she takes the reader on a journey of life’s intricacies often leading to a happy and philosophical conclusion that will certainly put a smile on the reader’s face.