Metoo by Author Karan Puri is a book that has stories highlighting a very pertinent issue: Assault and sexual harassment happening around us, which is generally neglected. This book is Karan’s second novel published by Invincible Publishers, one of the leading names in the publishing industry.

Karan Puri is an Indian author, his first fiction novel “Shit Happens – Desi Boy in America” has been a bestseller. The book was also mentioned in the India Today Top 20 books in 2012. Karan is a freelance writer in Lifestyle for various publications, a mentor in a few start-ups, and also runs his own digital marketing consultancy. Earlier he has also worked incorporates like Coca-Cola and Ernst & Young to name a few apart from being a renowned Lifestyle blogger and leading Food Influencer.

The stories mentioned in the book have been contributed by people as young as 16 years old to as old as 72. This book is a tribute to those survivors, and not just survivors but Brave ones. Also, Karan has broken the prejudice of only women as victims of Sexual Harassment. He has penned a story in his book which shows that men too undergo harassment and assault.

This book is an eye-opener and throws light on a very important lesson that “we, as humans, should be more compassionate towards our intimate relations and understand the value of consent.” One of India’s leading and largest publishing houses, Invincible Publishers, has brought out this book in e-book format on Amazon Kindle and is published in the print form too. The book is available on amazon. Buy this book and gift yourself an insight into Reality.