From the pen of Praggatti Rao comes yet another book on parenting. Praggatti Rao’s Raising the Parent is ready to be launched by Invincible Publishers.

With the ever-changing world dynamics, parenting needs to be upgraded. And that is precisely what Ms. Rao tells us in her newest book Raising the Parent. Ms. Rao, a Consultant Psychologist, and Personal Growth & Transformation Master Coach, and Founder Director of Educoncepts India Initiatives, is back with an enlightening book on parenting. Just like her previous books, her latest is as delightful as it is insightful. Identifying problem solving as a major challenge for parents, Ms. Rao illustrates how to navigate the difficult terrain that parenting is with case studies. The book is a comprehensive study based on real-life cases, with scientific, and psychological comments by the author.

Anticipating and assessing the challenges that parents these days face, Ms. Rao provides action plans and tools to deal with situations. Published by Invincible Publishers, Ms. Rao’s Raising the Parent is a must-read, especially for new parents. The book is available on Amazon.