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A call from me, to me


Product Description

“A right mix of soil is necessary to make a beautiful and perfect pot. As the potter guides the pot with his nimble fingers, supporting from within and giving soft blows on the outside, he shapes up the pot. Once done, he picks up the completed creation in a swift move and places it to dry. To further beautify, he designs the outer. In a similar manner, the words in this book have been accorded the right mixture of thoughts, feelings and emotions. The author has delved deep into the hearts of people and tried to capture the potpourri of emotions. What makes a complete person is an enigma. People waste time in beautifying the outer, without giving any thought to shaping the inner. Each poem has evolved in a manner so as to draw a picture in the mind of the reader, of what exactly is the protagonist going through. The various moods and the myriad hues which accord life its greys and whites have been depicted in this poem anthology.”


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