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A Journey with 2 Angels


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Product Description

The only way you can conquer a person is love, and there, the entire world is conquered. What if your world is conquered by two women, one who means the world to you and the one for whom you mean the world?

‘A Journey with 2 angels’ is a romantic ride that will excite you, shake you, tickle you, and make you feel alive. When Anil gets admission in PEC, he can’t wait to start his new life. He falls in love at first sight with the college diva, Sanjana. Anil leaves no stone unturned to get her attention. With his sincerity, Anil is successful in winning Sanjana’s heart. Unexpected consequences change their love story and bring it to a dead-end leaving both devastated. But there is something called destiny. The strong-headed Nitya comes to Anil’s life uninvited, becomes medicine for his past, and turns his world upside down. Change is inevitable. Anything that’s wrong yesterday can become right today and whatever is right now, it might be wrong the next moment. Just when Anil starts falling for Nitya, his first love comes back after 4 years. Anil is torn between his past and present. His heart is conflicted, but he must make a choice. He is left with a choice of not choosing anything, but only situations around him start choosing everything.

What will your heart do? Between choosing the one whom you loved more than anything in your past or the one for whom you mean the world now?

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 5 × 8 × .20 in

Invincible Publishers





Amzon ASIN


Launch Date

September 2020


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