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An Ungrateful Nation


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Product Description

Standing in front of India gate, along with his two sons, Colonel Shaurya Veer Singh, a third-generation Indian Army officer, reminisces of the life gone by. In the 22 years of donning the Olive Green of the Indian Army, he has seen challenges & combat at close quarters, often shrouded with death. Having seen it in the eye, once too often he felt that it would take something herculean to shake his composure & bearing.

But the recent events have not merely shaken him up but put into question the fiber & ethos of his life. As he struggles with the recent events of having lost his dear friend Col Sandeep Unnithan in the desolate valley of Galwan, he wonders at what life has in store for him. But a bigger question looms over him, amidst the shadow of his retired Father Brigadier Chandrabhan Singh’s recent hospitalization due to a fracas at his hometown with lumpen elements, of what advice to give to his son, on the cusp of commencing his professional journey, having been selected in the Service Selection Board. As he thinks about his Anchor, his life partner for the past 20 years, Vandana, and his need for her wise counsel, he realizes that the cat would have to be belled by him. Of allowing his son to join the Army, or to seek adventure in an ever-evolving and open world.

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March 2021


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