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Art Of Queen


Art Of Queen: Unrealized story in every relation between Man & Woman

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Product Description

Men are reliant & Women are creators. This is a love tale that illustrates how women refine men into their best versions, in every corner of this world & various spans of life. We have evidence in various eras, regions, religions & languages that women have always created men, and this is the unrealized story in every relation between a man & a woman. Mrudhula & Mythili are two women who had refined the version of Madan in this world, this is not just the story of Madan; every man reading this is somehow is dependent on women in different phases of life with different relations, starting from that of a mother, sister, lady love, wife & daughter. Each of these relations is manifested with a good impact on man’s version for this world; you will surely experience the essence of the Reliance & that of creation after completing this book.

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June 2020


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