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Connect Through Storytelling


Product Description

Storytelling simplified!


How to communicate in a persuasive manner?

Presenting our thoughts in a manner that is relevant and relatable to the listeners is essential. A power dose of emotions along with logic engages human mind. Communicating eloquently comes with practice, and tools of storytelling help to entice the audience. Storytelling is not only – telling stories! It’s much more beyond than that. It’s a crucial communication strategy. Leaders, educators, speakers and professionals from diverse backgrounds can leverage the power of stories and tools of storytelling to shine at their workplace. Emotions, vocal intonation and visual demonstration are a few of the basic yet impactful tools of storytelling that help the speaker connect emotionally by not sounding monotonic and commanding a strong stage presence. The way we articulate our thoughts and ideas matters the most. Storytelling and communication skills are very important life skills which help working professionals to be future-ready. This book will help you to

1. Understand the world of Stories & Storytelling.

2. Learn the Concepts & techniques of Storytelling as a corporate professional & as an educator.

3. Harness the power of storytelling at your workplace.

4. Make your boardroom presentations engaging, intriguing and memorable.

5. Refer a bank of more than 20 result driven stories.


Connect through Storytelling is a complete guide on how to leverage the tools of storytelling to become an effective speaker and how to incorporate stories at the workplace to communicate effectively.

“Storytelling is all about emotions. Emotions are necessary for effective communication and storytelling is the vehicle for establishing an emotional connection with the listener.” – Monika Tandon.


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