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Dialysis 2121


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Millions of innocent people, throng the Gigantic Multi/Super Specialty Hospitals every day each moment, some with cash, some with Govt. cards & yet some EWS, but all ?. one and all ?. having a common hope, brimming in their little hearts that they ?. or their dear one ? their precious one ?. would be saved, treated and cured and would return home with a smile. But it is not to be ?. Little can they imagine that the simple doctor with the doctor?s bag of yesteryears is no more that simple ? he is now a tycoon?. the simple small nursing home of yesteryears is now a giant corporate industry?. They or their dear ones can little imagine the encounter that awaits them?. with heavy dozes of medicines, multiple series of tests?. gigantic machines like CT Scan or other such……, used quite lightly? Through this attempt, author have tried to highlight the state of darkness, we are in, about the futility of this whole process in some kind of diseases; our lack of awareness about the alternative remedies and alternative systems like Unani, Ayurvaida, Homoepathy and various other systems, where there is an ancient concept of cure. Above all, a deep seated lack of respect in the minds of the Medical Professionals, for the alternative remedies.

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