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Dojang Napong And Other Classic Nyishi Folk Tales & Fables


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{“Tateyhii..! Tateyhii..!
Incited by her so easily,
Grave mistake it was, and not one that is silly.
While you trusted her more than your heart,
Dojang Napong smiled, as she tore me apart…”}
And the legend has it that Nyoni’s cries can be heard till today. . .

This book is a collection of 13 such enchanting folktales and fables from the land of dawnlit mountains- Arunachal Pradesh, beautifully retold by Pudom Taku and Miss Pumu Taku. Told in a simple language we all can understand, this book plunges into the mythical world of Arunachal Pradesh and transports the readers to an adventurous time on earth where you can find talking birds & animals, terrifying giants and horrifying shape shifters etc. From the talks of nature to themes like trust and betrayal are encapsulated in the fables. With exciting pictures depicting the tribal lifestyle and scenes you have never seen before, this book also illustrates the relation between the animals, the humans and the spirits from the other realm of the universe. Read to find out how Abo Tani’s illicit love affair leads to a deadly famine, how the peacock earned its beautiful feather, and many more.

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February 2021


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