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Fervor to be Free


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Product Description

A truly unputdownable motivational book that takes you on a journey, connecting an intelligent body, areas in the human mind and the world outside. From the breathtaking view on a balcony of the Hilton Hawaii to the cramped setting of a New Delhi courtroom, the author in one breezy script narrates life experiences, not as mere ups and downs, but as events leading to finding an answer to every human?s question: Who am I? Despite the limitations of his inherited genes, a type of nurturing and turn of fate, the author sets out to find his answers, but instead ends up searching something much greater: the purpose of his life. The book effortlessly examines effervescent thoughts, life events, executed actions that are so much a part of our lives against a set human culture. Most insightful in it is the complex interplay of body and mind in the human pursuit of a ?good-life?, happiness, and something much deeper. The book masterfully weaves scientific facts, psychological theories, religious texts, news feeds along with real-life events in a compelling narrative. The book is sure to set readers on their own paths to find their own answers and script their own stories, may be even destinies.

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