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Finding The Magic in You


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Product Description

How do you define magic? Something extraordinary? Something amazing you can’t possibly explain? Well, Yeah, You are right. I define it the same way. For me, Magic is something I do not have an explanation for, something so charismatic, I always end up looking with my mouth wide open. In fact, that reminds me of my college days looking at people getting good grades, following their passion, chasing their dreams while I always thought they are pure magic and I can never be like them. Soon, I realized they aren’t exactly magical, it’s just me who hasn’t yet found the magic inside me. And this is when we started thinking about it, writing about it, discussing about it. Eventually, I found out that I am not the only one running this race, there are many others who feel they have absolutely no spark in their life, who feel as if they don’t deserve to see their dreams come true. This book is for you! If you can even remotely relate to my story, this book is for you. The “magic” that I have been talking about isn’t something extraordinary, it’s just something people discover in themselves, something that brings “spark” in their eyes and fires the passion in their soul. YOU TOO DESERVE TO FIND THAT MAGIC IN YOU. This book is a compilation of 33 motivational chapters and 18 journals which would help you question yourself, be in touch with your reality and motivate you to become a better person while chasing your dreams. Because the world needs more dreamers and kindness than today and you can play an important part in changing the world by changing yourself. Your new uplifted life starts here. About the Author: Shivam’s educational qualifications include a Masters in Aerospace Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology. He is the author of “How to unleash your true potential” and is widely known for his work on self-love, finding peace and happiness within.

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