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Footprints: Live . Love . Lead


Product Description

About The Book

A young man left the shore, leaving his people behind.

An old man reached the shore, leaving his loved ones behind.

The young man was all alone.The old man was accompanied by sages.One had fear in his mind, and the other, rage.One had the strength, and the other, wisdom.Will the youth be wasted in the young, and the wisdom drained from the old?They were awaiting their destiny, unaware that it was, in turn, awaiting their union.The Deep Blue Sea can be the only witness of this spectacle; their interwoven destiny.Live . Love . LeadFootprints is a work of fiction, inspired from real-life events, although its characters are imaginary.

About The Author

Santhosh Sivaraj, a stubborn optimist and a humble minimalist believes in seeing with the mind, writing with the heart and living through others. This way he believes he gets to live more life per life.Having worn many hats in life, like that of a sailor, a banker, an entrepreneur and even that of a teacher, he considers life’s journey to be a destination in itself and this pushes him to seek further avenues in life.Absurd economics interests him and he loves doing stand-up comedy to his loved ones. He laughs at his own mistakes and loves life unconditionally.


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