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Jhumpa Ka Jhumka



Product Description

About The Author

Omi Singh @ Omprakash Parihar is a Supreme Court lawyer by profession and writing is his hobby. His previous three published Novels “Nawab (Not before I die)“, “Saroja“ and “Ek Aur Bisaat” are amongst the bestsellers. “JHUMPA KA JHUMKA” is his fourth novel penned in 2020-21

About The Book

This novel is a crime-thriller. It reveals how the characters get entrapped in the heinous crime of serial murder. Will they be able to come out of the entrapment? This is the story where readers will find how the nexus between the rich and powerful manipulate the systems to suit their convenience. Will the investigating agency be able to solve the crime or will they get entrapped by the systems they work for? Many intriguing moments are built around the characters of the novel.


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