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Kashmir – A Paradise Lost


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The city was indeed a tourist hub but he saw only a gloom prevailing around him. He would often look up towards the sky and then gaze down at his Shikara.

Be it Spring or the season of Autumn, the Nargis flowers never failed to blossom and the tall Chinars always stood firm.?The book introduces you to different sides of the conflict in Kashmir and the indomitable spirit of its inhabitants. There is no dearth of texts written on Kashmir and yet, the author has created indescribable versions of the crude emotions persisting in its people.

It portrays how Kashmir, which was once a paradise, has been calling out since long, in the form of its cloaked stories to regain its paradisiacal culture.The author has beautifully sewn together, the tales of ground realities of the place. The stories boldly reflect how politics and conflicts of the state have brutally thrashed the life of common people who are caught in the middle of the long struggle.

With beautiful characters like that of Bashir or Annan and with poignant stories like that of Shaukat returning to his home- the emotions become vivid and make you want to delve deep into the abyss of lost memories of the place.In short, with 14 short stories, this book aspires to uncover the unheard emotions of Kashmiris. Without a direct hit towards the discordant issues, the author has successfully inscribed hueful nuances of those stories which have been muffled by the winds of propaganda.

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