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Life An Opportunity : Rise, Shine & Win


Product Description

About The Book

The book urges readers to be always positive and urges readers to believe that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, however big the tunnel is. The book offers insights into various aspects of consumer companies, the way they conduct their businesses and various sales and promotional ideas available to them to enhance their businesses and market shares. The book narrates the story of a boy called Vikram, who loses his parents early and has to face misuse and abuse from his own people. His life changes after he meets the love of his life. She motivates him to grow in life. The two get separated but promise each other that they would never give up on their life goals and will meet as successful individuals. Vikram goes on to occupy high positions in various companies and finally decides to become an entrepreneur. In the process, he forges some life long relationships and learns the importance of preserving various natural resources like water, food, energy etc. Vikram goes on to establish a very successful Pan-India beverages company and finally finds back his love who also had become a very successful businesswoman.

About The Author

The book is the debut work of the Author. The Author has worked in various private sector organizations at important managerial positions.


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