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Nirbhaya (A Common Man’s Justice)


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Product Description

‘Nirbhaya: A Common Man’s Justice’ is a fictional read inspired by the Nirbhaya case. It raises a genuine concern on the pre-existing Juvenile Act in our country, which has now, fortunately, been amended. Aaryan, a software engineer working at an IT firm in Delhi, is sentenced to death. He is found guilty of brutally murdering Himanshu and raping a 28-year-old girl. Aaryan is only left with five days and during his last days, he decides to pen down his story. Aarushi, orphaned at the age of five, has only one dream, i.e. to become an IAS officer. She is bold, beautiful, and determined not to fall in love until her dream comes true. Aaryan does every possible thing to impress Aarushi and promises her that unless she expresses her feelings, he won’t say, “I Love You.” Everything was going smooth, until that unfortunate night when Aarushi decided to express her love to Aaryan. That night, Aarushi was brutally raped. Was it Aaryan who did it? Why did he do this to the girl whom he loved madly? Discover the purest love story and walk through the journey of Aaryan and Aarushi.

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