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Raising The Parent


Product Description

About The Book

Raising the Parent is a book of reminders for a conscious parent with real case studies and action plans. With extensive tools and strategies to turn around parenting challenges as well as to raising future fit young adults proactively. Whether it’s an expert or first time parent, the whole idea behind Raising the Parent is a transformational guidance on creative solutions to routine challenges. A wholesome compilation of traditional wisdom for new age parenting will be an apt statement to make for this humble effort from the author.This book is a practical, scientific and applied psychology based resource guide cum workbook that’ll enable and empower a parent to create inroads of bliss, calm, joy and harmony while they navigate harsh parenting realities. A new age interpretation of what Beliefs, values and purpose should flow from a parent to a generation that blooms in their best versions ever.

About The Author

She is a certified Consultant Psychologist, Personal growth & Professional relevance Transformation Coach and internationally certified NLP Master Coach & EI expert. She takes pride in being one of a chosen few certified Associate Trainer with original society of NLP – SNLP(1972). She is a Global Lifeskills Ambassador at Parenting 2.0 for her work. Educoncepts India Initiatives is a counselling intervention & Personal Leadership development organisation where she is actively engaged in the process of Discovering Intelligences and Building Talents for ages 18-48 years. It’s for a decade now that she has been conducting organisational developmental sessions for working professionals and corporates, preventive and corrective counselling interventions across age groups and Applied NLP coaching for fine tuning thinking, talking and behaviours level for young adults, entrepreneurs, individuals and corporate Professionals.


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