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Reorient The Mind



Product Description

About The Book

With over Six Billion (6,000,000,000) people in Seven continents across the globe, it is not yet crystal clear to understand man how powerful his mind can be. The mind is an invisible component of the human body, powerful enough to differentiate us from every other person on earth, and capable to make us destroy our comfort zone as we seek the fulfillment of our purpose in this universe. In the pursuit of being successful, we must know our identity; who our Creator says we are, who we say we are, and who we accept ourselves to be.
The emphasis in this book is on the importance of unleashing the power within you as the author writes on the mind, how a man can find his purpose, develop his personality and mental strength to overcome negativity, why he needs to reorient his mind, think positively and how he can overcome his fear.

About The Author

Prosenjit is a professional IT engineer and a research specialist. He has published several journal papers in The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE Computer Science), Scopus, Springer, and is also an active member of IEEE (Computer Society). Prosenjit has also written in many edited books. Based on his numerous experiences with life, he had always craved to influence his environment positively and this he chose to do through writing. As a promoter of success, he encourages hard work, mind engineering, discipline, and intentional living. His soft spot for mental freedom, effective living, and success, in general, is the main inspiration for the book. Therefore, the book is a product of his passion and conceived necessity to set readers at the right mental state required for success and fulfillment. Finally, Prosenjit is a scholar and education enthusiast.


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