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Sky Is Still Far Away



Product Description

Sometimes losing yourself is the only way to find yourself. When Pakhi meets this fascinating man at the Airport, she experiences a feeling she had never before known. As they start spending time together, she begins to believe that she has found her perfect match. He is funny, compassionate and treats her as if she means the world to him. Above all, he encourages Pakhi to pursue her dream of opening her own restaurant, which is a rarity for Pakhi as she belongs to an orthodox family.
They say if it looks too good to be true then it probably isn’t. Unexpected turn of events unveils the reality and renders Pakhi helpless and doubting her judgment. When you can’t trust yourself, you often let others decide for you and so did Pakhi. Now battered and bruised, she is left with only two options— Accept her reality or fight for herself. Trapped in a web of lies, will Pakhi ever be able to find the sky of her dreams?


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