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The Secret Sauce is YOU!: Being your ‘ownmate’


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Product Description

The Law of gravity is an inescapable truth of the universe. Sometimes, tectonic shifts happen, lightning strikes, earth shatters, and we fall flat on our face at rock-bottom. We find ourselves engulfed in darkness, silence, and solitude. Finding this to be a perfect breeding ground, our opportunistic demons crawl into our minds gnawing us with their scrawny mindsets. We give in and lose it. We break and how! But how do you know what you’re truly made up of? When you break open! Incidentally, that’s how stars are made too!

Call it ironic, but that’s how you find yourself. This book is the secret sauce to find yourself because who can find you except yourself? And how can you let someone else be your ‘founder’? Only you can find you. Only you can be your ‘founder’.

The basketball that swoops down the hoop proves that not every fall is a loss. That goal proves that a fall can be a win too! Likewise, a football or a soccer ball has to be kicked to make a goal. Imagine the ball refusing to be kicked? Or the basketball refusing to fall down the hoop?

My father gifted me a crazy ball in my early years. He hit the crazy ball hard on the floor with his strong arms, and to my amazement, it bounced back until the ceiling! When I did that, I learned that the harder I hit the crazy ball, the higher it went up. My father ingrained in me an integral lesson quite early on. Taking a cue from the basketball, soccer ball, and the crazy ball, I learned that you’ve got to fall in love with failure. Failures started giving me a kick. Funnily enough, they became my new normal and gave me an uncanny high.

This book is the secret sauce of turning the curve balls life throws at you (unexpectedly) into crazy balls and make a goal each time you fall. Adversity is the best university. And this book is that university!

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February 2021


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