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The Essential Management Handbook (Bahrain , Dubai & China)(Black & White)


Product Description

About The Author

Pooja has over 20 years of global corporate work experience across different geographies, spread across various sectors including BFSI, manufacturing, IT. She has won numerous awards & accolades over her gargantuanly successful career. She has a strong academic background including education from acknowledged institutes like London Business School (UK), Heriot-Watt University (UK) & FOMS (India). She has contributed towards numerous journals, white papers & research papers. Currently, she is the CEO of a leading consulting firm besides officiating on the Board of two unicorns & a niche start-up.


Proven management concepts, corporate case studies & researches collectively form a formidable knowledge pool which can provide upward direction to career growth, but, the sheer complexity and intricacies can be mind-baffling. How to absorb / timely recall /apply them seamlessly? This book answers with an innovative approach:
1. Story telling technique: While the reader gets engrossed in the exciting story of a corporate professional, unconsciously it creates a visual image which is easy to connect with, remember and recall. It compels for action and fuels a desire for change.
2. The management concepts, corporate case studies & researches are explained using Diagrammatic representations instead of sentential representations.
3. The real-life experiences ignite curiosity as they can strongly connect emotionally.
4. Message gets reinforced with numerous aptly placed idioms.

Key take away from book:
340 management concepts, 80 corporate case studies, 180 idioms & 15 real life experiences.


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