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The Lost Message


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Product Description

No zamindar or landlord in Independent India! Upon learning this, Ramesh Chowdhuri, the landlord of Shalboni in Bengal, dies of a sudden heart attack. In his death throes, he passes on a message to his son hinting at the valuables that he had hidden somewhere, and whose recovery, in an intriguing way, involved earth and water. But due to confusion created by the sudden death, the last message gets lost. Ramesh Chowdhuri?s great-grand-children, Ratna and Neelesh, are determined to unearth the hidden treasure and restore the dwindling family fortune. Some villagers, backed by outsiders, pose a threat, while others draw closer to the Chowdhuri family. Bizarre events unfold amidst the green fields along the river Jaltungi ? an assault on a lonely old woman, discovery of a sinister misuse of underground passages, a shady property deal, a flash flood, and spirits that rear their heads from the murky past. Can Ratna and Neelesh find the buried treasure? Can the dying landlord?s last and lost message ever be deciphered? W hat role do spooks play in this mystery that is so entangled with India?s economic history?

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 5 × 8 × 1 in

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