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The Mind Secret of Receiving


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MONEY, health, happiness, harmonious relationships and a harmonious life come to us THEMSELVES when YOU/SELF becomes FREE from all” YOU/SELF becomes FREE just by ACCEPTANCE. There are mainly three schedules in our life: The Preparing Schedule (PS) (14 – 30 years of age): Preparing our Desires The Receiving Schedule (RS) (30 – 40 years of age): Receiving Knowledge of the FREE and getting ready for the RESULTS.The Supreme Schedule (SS) (40+ – 80+): Receiving the RESULTS in Reality and Abundance. We prepare our Aims/Desires and the RESULTS part will be done for YOU. For the RESULTS part, YOU should know FREE. YOU don’t need a degree to know YOU/FREE. Just by READING and ACCEPTING, YOU become FREE. Then, the RESULTS come to YOU themselves and YOU become FREE from all by my Practice of Surrender. POVERTY is bold and ruthless. Poverty needs no plans. RICHES are shy and timid. RICHES need to be attracted. RICHES need PLANS and formulas. As there are formulas in mathematics, there are schedules to get RICH and have the RICHES. These schedules are the formulas. In anyway, a person never loses anything if he/she applies the plans & schedules written in this book, rather he/she certainly becomes RICH and has the riches in proportion to the plans & schedules that he/she applies. My POS is the secret of secrets, the most mysterious of all, the last and final in the hierarchy, the Highest level of FREE – FREE Level 4.

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