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The Mutiny Biography Of Respected Mahendra Nathani



Product Description

It is always good to introduce people about a personality who has lived his life battling with obstacles and hurdles.For the reason being, he knows what all a person has to go through this tiring journey starting from zero to infinity. He becomes a role model for people who complain about circumstances and make them learn the ethics of life and dealing with certain problems. Such is the story of Mr. Mahendra Nathani. The book elucidates his awestruck journey where he battles with circumstances in his life. How it all started and how it went through, everything was nothing less than a challenge for this eminent persona. From just being mahendra to being called as the sole proprietor of ”Toyota International Brands”, Mr. Mahendra Nathani-the journey he goes through has been an ordeal. Many would ahead. The biography, Written by Ms. Shalini Vaid provides an insight not just into the life of Mr. Nathani but into the lives of many such low middle class people who dream of becoming a renowned personality someday.


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