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The fiction novel „The Ultimate Mission of Devil‟ is a new kind of creation that can compete beyond any doubt with the world’s best literature. Not only in particular country but across the whole world, This is the first novel written with this type of unique subject and plot. It is Thriller Novel with high drama combined with mind teasing mystery. The story does not cover only those planets of our Galaxy where parasites inhabit, but it also covers the story of outsiders residing on every planet of other Galaxies which are included in the local cluster along with our Galaxy. Synopsis: There are many colonies on Galaxy L3. Every Colony owns fifteen to three hundred or more planets. The owner of the colony is referred to as a New-God. Those having less authority are referred to as Chairman and President in the descending order. Discerning at first sight, it appears that all the gimmicks of the ‘Devil Family’ and S.O.G. (Devilish Institute) are being contrived to usurp this colonies. However, the Ultimate Mission of the Devil challenges the IQ of the best experts. If you realize the Ultimate Mission of the Devil right in the middle of story, then consider yourself to be extraordinarily brilliant. And with this the most mysterious protagonist of the novel develops unimaginable conspiracy to uproot the ‘Vio-Crazy new-gods’ through the ‘Mission Walk of Life’. The meaning of running away in our world refers to escaping from one city or country to the other, but the meaning of running away in the world of ‘The Ultimate Mission of Devil’ is death to quite an extent… Because the Secret Society makes arrangements of rebirth on your desired planet in your desired city. Watch video trailer of “the ultimate mission of devil” on FB : Prakash sathwara the ultimate mission of devil

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