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Twin Mi-Chi


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Product Description

Mr. Manav Jain loves enjoying each and every moment and strives to do creative things in life, for him inner satisfaction holds a greater value than success and if not satisfied then he keeps digging into it and improvise it and ends with filling satisfied so as per his passion he choose to be a Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Utensils and his Brand Name is Futensils- Future of utensils.

From Twin Mi-Chi title to their characters everything is taught deeply and was formed by the author while starting he did not know it would gulp down the whole lockdown period. This book is proof that nothing is impossible and if we think to achieve anything in life then don’t take a step back or lose hopes, if you are thinking about something unique and if you are capable of bringing it in a beautiful form then don’t wait for any reason and don’t hope for success just do it and leave it after you are satisfied and you know what rest is history.

Believe in yourself and don’t wait for time to come.

Twin Mi-Chi is a story of twin siblings who get separated in their childhood due to a fight between Shankar and Zexox. Shankar raises Chirag and teaches him well and makes him smart whereas Minnie what about her she is been raised by a gangster who makes her right hand in business and as years pass they develop their superpower learns to control it from which they protect the world.

They often meet in each other’s dreams and feel their present emotions but as kids, they ignore the dream but when they grow adults the dream starting to come true. Zexox keeps irritating Shankar so his partner in crime Shadow kidnaps Shankar and plans something big to rule on the earth, so will the Twins manage to save their parents and save the world, and will Shankar’s friend Joi, Aries king. Show up for their help.

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