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Unheard Voices From Ancient Times



Product Description

This book is an amalgam of many elements dear to the heart of a storyteller …takes you through a maze of incidents where old relationships are revived and longstanding mysteries are solved-

a well-plotted page-turner with a little bit of everything interesting thrown in…The illustrations are excellent and capture the brooding atmosphere of an old haveli-

About The Author

Dipavali Sen, retired Associate Professor of Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, Delhi University, writes on mythological as well as contemporary themes. Her published work includes novels, short stories, and translations, book reviews and articles in journals such as Annals of Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Writer And Illustrator, The Book Review and Bookbird. She is a Life Member of the Association of Writers and Illustrators (AWIC) and has presented papers in international conferences held in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Her previous novels The Last Message: The Lost Message (2018) and The Waiting (2020) are also by Invincible Publishers.

About The Book

Covid-19 Pandemic breaks out and a young couple has to cancel a much-needed holiday flight. Ananya and Chintan, disappointed as they are, take a different flight altogether – the flight of imagination into ancient times. They tell each other stories about characters whose voices have remained unheard through centuries.Like a dinosaur , an alien , a concubine from the Indus Valley, a single mother from the Upanishads. the Apsara who gave birth to Hanuman, the Rakshasi who married Bheema, the physically challenged but mentally alert palace-maid Manthara, the deserted princess Damayanti, the dying prince Duryodhana, and the neglected wife of an elderly sage. Their voices have never risen above mere mentions in recorded texts. In this novel, they get heard by Ananya and Chintan , a couple from contemporary times.


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