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Unhooked & Unbooked


Product Description

Four characters – four pasts – one night and many lives affected!

Egoistic, a druggie, and sex starved person – KD, is a popular singer destined to lose all his fame while Tia is a struggling model, hungry for fame. With ample of money and success, Tia is KD’s only weakness but would Tia repay his love or be the gold digger in a relationship?

Beautiful and social media crush for many, Isha is battling against her ex-relationship. Sameer is a nerd who believes in true love and holds feelings for Isha but the latter has her doors shut for love. For Isha, relationships are all about ‘right swiping’ somebody online and going on a date whereas a relationship means ‘commitment’ for Sameer. Will the two opposites get along?

From the award-winning bestselling author comes another heart-warming tale of two couples and two contrasting relationships, emphasizing on selfless and selfish love. KD is obsessed for stardom but what will happen if the same stardom goes away from him? Will he still stand upright? Love for Tia is all about the other person but what if love for the other person is all about himself? Will Sameer ever gather courage to convey his feelings to Isha and get away from being friend-zoned? Will Isha ever get out of her past and move on in life? Will they all together redefine love and get over their problems?

Let’s together go on a journey that is inspired from true events and is all about mad love, lust, ego and obsession and find out what happens when the four-characters meet at some point in life only to make life a big mess!


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