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Verdict of the Ved>as


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A huge bodied man is found lying unconscious beside a stream by a group of hunters and wood gatherers in an unknown land. He has wounds, boils and ruptures all over his body. He is rescued and brought back to life by the tribals at their village. Many generations after this episode, a young man named Sempan Lepcha, a village native from the high mountainous regions of Sikkim, India, discovers a bizarre phenomena taking place somewhere within the unreachable heights of the Kanchenjunga range. The highly improbable happening makes him suspicious of dangerous aftermaths and he promptly contacts and reports the matter to the nearest military check post. It stirs up a hornet’s nest of consequences involving the highest echelons of the armed forces, the most senior scientists of the country, including the Prime Minister himself, all of whom suspect it to be a nuclear device. A team of daredevils is prepared to retrieve it and face the ultimate adversary of all, Nature itself. Little do they know that their encounter against all odds is not going to be their only test. Rather, it is a task which is going to pull them into an out of the world experience of a face off unlike any other that they may have seen the end of. When opened up and made known, it is certainly going to compel the world to stir up in abject wonder, then sit back and deeply ponder whether, what, how and where we are leading to could be termed simply a mistake or a senseless and wilful blunder.

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 5 × 8 × 1 in

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