Starting-up by authors Arun Menon and Subhadip Mazumdar is a practical and step by step guide on how to build a start-up from scratch. When the authors of the book reflected back on their own journeys over a couple of drinks, they realized that neither of them got any structured training or guidance, or mentorship to run their start-ups. That’s why they decided to write a book in an easy language reflecting on their 2 decades of individual entrepreneurship journeys where they built multiple startups, so that their readers understand how the start-up ecosystem works, get a crash course on necessary skills required to run start-ups, and get to the point advisory on start-up challenges like how to scale, raise money, build rock star teams cultures and more.

This book is also a perfect guide for you to understand how to raise money, what investors look for before investing in a company at various stages, various financial and legal definitions that one needs to be aware of when negotiating with investors. One of India’s leading and largest publishing houses, Invincible Publishers has published this book and it will be soon available to purchase on Amazon Kindle and the print form too. Purchase the book to build your start-up with the best guidance.

About the Authors

Arun Menon is an IIT Bombay alumni with over 20 years of experience in successfully building and scaling start-up enterprises. He is a serial entrepreneur who has built multiple start-up organizations. His startups scaled to millions of dollars in revenue, sold products to millions of customers across hundreds of cities in India, and attracted venture funding from very well-known investors. He is passionate about the Start-up Ecosystem and advises numerous start-up founders. Arun is currently involved in passionately building his current ventures.

Subhadip is a Multi-award-winning Sales Professional. He has over twenty-one years of global experience in the ICT industry in various senior management roles, including sales, pre-sales, delivery, and operations. He has extensive experience working in senior sales roles in the USA, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, and South Africa. Starting Up is Subhadip’s third book, which he has co-authored with Arun Menon. Subhadip won the Best Debut Author for Orange Sky and Blue Sun at Gurgaon Literary Fest 2019.