Invincible Publishers has released a book that is one of a kind; the kind which carried the ball of unraveling the repressed truths of our society. Many have given in to the societal and media pressures, but it still is our responsibility, as citizens, to take our humanity towards light and the answers. Rape is one of the highly sensitive issues prevalent in our society. Escaping our accountability and responsibility has worsened matters more. ‘Why Does A Man Rape?’ by Jasbir Singh, is a step forward in the direction of uncovering the dark truths behind such a heinous act. Many people have tried to find the root causes behind this crime, which is somewhere related to our history, but nobody wants to discuss the history openly, on an unbiased platform, as it can hurt the sentiments of many people.

As a change maker, this book provides a basic framework for understanding the developmental histories, the lifestyles, and the motivations of the men who rape, thus outstretching the answers and solutions in an organized manner. This book is a 360-degree analysis of the rape epidemic in our country, purely based on research. The author is a recipient of various awards such as the 100 Inspiring Authors of India Award by The Indian Awaz, the National Pride Award by the National Anti-Harassment Foundation, and India’s Shining Star Award by Youth Indian Development Board. It is written in a non-technical and highly readable style and should be read by anyone who is concerned with issues of rape, or anyone whose work brings him or her in contact with a rapist, sexual offender, or a victim. It is available for buying on various platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.