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Aakash V Shivach

Aakash V Shivach is an Indian novelist belonging to Delhi. With two novels already in his bucket, this is his third book.
While his previous novel, “Miracle an Exotic Wonder” is a sci-fi, drenched in the flavour of love, “Steps taking Backwards” is a romantic novel which tells us how to retain love after repeated failures over a period of time.
Aakash has always desired to explore new thoughts and decorate the world in his fictions, which he has admirably shown through his work in his previous books. He believes that being an author, it is his responsibility to add a certain something to today’s social norms. He believes that facial and bodily decoration is just an illusion and what truly marks a person are his words and his thoughts, which flow into society.Invincible Verified <i class=”fa fa-check” aria-hidden=”true” style=”color:blue”></I>

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