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Dr.Shilpa Patel

Dr.Shilpa Patel

Dr.Shilpa Patel

Dr. Shilpa Patel

A Corporate Trainer, Author & Business Coach

Dr. Shilpa Patel is a Leadership and Executive Coach who sees herself as a “Sherpa”, an expert in Positive Professional Development and Change. From coaching for overseas transition to coaching corporate ventures, she makes a visible difference in impact and transformation by working on 3 T model Track, Train, and Transform.

Dr. Shilpa brings a grounded, practical and strength based orientation to wholesome Development – Leadership, Diversity and Mentoring, Coaching, which leverage her experience and understanding of human nature for effective turnarounds to personal, business and leadership challenges. Shilpa makes a visible difference in Impact, Transformation in Personal & Corporate Image Building.

Driving into an unknown territory, we often are in need of a GPS which guides us on the turns we need to take, the best routes available, and the areas we should avoid. The GPS is what we call the Guru Positioning System in the world of businesses. In modern parlance a Business Coach is the GPS for your business. Business coaching is a thought provoking, creative and introspective process. With our vast experience in Corporates across multiple verticals, and Personal & Professional coaching experiences, we bring on the table Leadership management for cultivating strong leaders.

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