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Hraadyesh Kumar Namdeo

Hraadyesh Kumar Namdeo

Hraadyesh Kumar Namdeo

About Hraadyesh

Hraadyesh Kumar Namdeo is an internationally acclaimed advisor, visionary entrepreneur, humanitarian, speaker, lifestyle coach and founder of Hi, world’s first masterpiece supreme luxury car manufacturing co. and many other organizations. Holder of over 12 world records, recipient of several international recognitions visiting faculty at international educational institutes including IIM and other organisations. Hraadyesh is known for his unique style, approach in research, innovation, and laying foundation of new global opportunities To know more or to enquire about Hraadyesh’s availability for an exclusive session, write, connect, or visit:


Here’s an Exclusive Interview with Hraadyesh Kumar Namdeo:

How is your book different than others?
Well to find the answer for this question and many such curiosities, you need to read my book Ultimate Ignorance, to believe it yourself. Ultimate Ignorance is now available on all leading stores online and offline…
Every book is representation of author’s distinct perspective. My book Ultimate Ignorance is study and real life observation from all across the world on human psychology, behaviour, mind and power of perceptions. That’s the primary difference, the book Ultimate Ignorance is all about you…

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?
Source is over three decades of real life observations from all across the world

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your book?
Every life aspires for same presence, and the same answer but expectation is that this should be wrapped in a unique way, different from another

What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?
Normal work schedule remain unchanged, for my writing I added extra working hours early morning to my routine

What do you think makes a good story?
Story is a story, it is your perception which categorizes it as good or bad

What advice do you have for writers?
If it matters to you go ahead and write it down, do not bother about other dynamics

How did this story occur to you?
I am honoured and blessed to be trusted by the eminent personalities for decades, being integrally involved with important matters I observed there are many misconceptions about illusion of success and money in human minds. You may rob anyone, richest or the poor, sneak away personal or precious belongings of someone in their absence but there is something more precious in possession with every individual that money cannot buy… Over three decades of my ongoing self-study, real-life observations on psychology, human mind, behaviour, power of perspective from across world is enriching. It is time for me to share my treasure which cannot be robbed…

What is the book all about?
The book is all about you…
Ultimate Ignorance is a book on real life observations from across the world on human psychology, behaviour , power of mind and perception. Ultimate ignorance focus on basics of life, three decades of real-life observations on your life shaping perspectives ranging from ancient to modern knowledge and scientific research on
Who you are ? ,
What do want ?

What do have that money cannot buy ?
Perspective inside your mind is a guiding force shaping you every moment. Blessed to be trusted by all wakes of life, by these real life observations the best I can do is to add a perspective to your extensive learning and knowledge…
You might perceive the moments in your life as good, bad, positive, negative, rich, poor, easy, challenging or somewhere in between. No matter what your perception is, Ultimate Ignorance will serve as an anchor and fuel for your conscious curious mind especially during your challenging as well as successful times. Ultimate Ignorance shatters your trap to let you improve your well-being, relationships, internal strength to overcome hurdles, enriching both your personal and professional life

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