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Indranil Roy

Indranil Roy

Indranil Roy


While day time finds him donning the cap of a teacher, spending almost 14 hours with his students on a daily basis, it is in the night, when writing comes to him.

An ardent lover of Bengali music, Indranil Roy manages to do it all – teaching, writing, and even singing.

Indranil Roy is extremely introverted, contrary to the image that he has among my friends and students. His life changed ever since he started his journey as a teacher about fourteen years back. Every day he learned something new from the kids. Their novel approach to life bemuses him.

As a teacher, he was in love with his profession. Initially, he used to feel hurt when they used to pass out of school and in most cases didn’t stay in touch. But over the years he had become accustomed to it.

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