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Karan Puri

Karan Puri

Karan Puri


There are very few people who are able to make their passion into a profession. Karan realized his writing potential can be used to transform lives deeply. This proved to be a life-changing moment for him and the glorified journey continues.

His debut novel was titled “Shit Happens – Desi Boy in America“ and then there was no looking back. The novel broke records and was on bestseller lists all over India.
He also writes for leading print and many digital portals as a freelance writer.

His professional being a digital content writer and Lifestyle influencer helps him to meet new people and discover new places serving delicious food. This makes him travel to distant places as a Travel enthusiast along with his drive to do social work for his community.

His new book, #Metoo book highlights that every human is eligible for personal space. Anybody violating the pre-defined boundary is disrespecting and harming that individual space of yours which is nothing but a serious crime.

He has come up with these stories just to make people who have ever gone through something of the kind, feel alive. It is okay if it happened with you too as it was not your fault and you are as deserving as others to lead a baggage-free life. It is time to transfer the weight of their wrongdoings to the doers. The #metoo movement was an eye-opener and that was certainly a motivation for me to contribute my bit.

He says, Writing is my passion and I always take time out for it. I dedicate one hour daily to reading or writing. Being a lifestyle blogger also helps me stay abreast with the latest techniques and mediums to share my writing with the world. Both my lives are pretty much related to each other and that helps me grow. My next book would definitely be a book on my experiences as a lifestyle blogger as I want to help upcoming bloggers know the nuances of blogging and help those who are really passionate about blogging as a profession.

The first rule of being a professional writer is to start writing on a regular basis, Be perceptive, and have a lot of self-discipline. I worked on these areas and now I write articles regularly on digital websites and leading dailies.

The best gift for me is getting feedback from my readers. As they say, learning never stops…once you are on the right path, just enjoy the journey!

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