Mahendra Nathani

Mahendra Nathani

Mahendra Nathani

Owner and CEO at M/S Toyota international Brands

● Can you tell something about yourself?

My name is Mahendra Nathani. I am 58. I studied MBA in international business working since more than 40 + years ,started my career as a sales man and today working in almost all skills, father of two well professional engineer sons and infect a good wife who supports me in my business, belonging to a well known Dr family but i am making and selling liquors.

● How is your book different than others?

As far as my book is concerned, my book is totally different with others. Reason being It is not only a true story , but also gives information to the new generation that we should not think that whatever a person thinks to do in his life or career he / the person will succeed .Like I did many business ,many services indifferent fields but always got failure but I never took any wrong stepand continued my efforts with a target to become a successful personality ,and yes today I say with pride that I got. Accordingly the way Author has written my biography and the way Invincible has presented is no doubt all about me since beginning till now and it flashes in front of my eyes and it is because of the book only.

● Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

I never thought in my life and professional career as well about the book ,and no doubt since 15 years many writers /authors/media proposed me to write a biography on me ,but i never became even half an hour free to think about this. Except Sunday, there was no holiday and I was always busy. Fortunately or unfortunately 18 of March 2020 I returned back from Daman to Delhi and was planning to go to Shimla, the same day and I received a call from my wife ASHA regarding an information for lockdown declaration and immediately I locked my delhi house and started my journey to Gwalior, my native place. During lockdown, MS shalini vaid, an Author wrote me an email regarding her interest to write my biography and though I was free and every day lockdown was declaring to be continued and I said yes ,”shalini ji you can write my biography. ”

● What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your book?

Many people whom we were thinking as our close friends, even same is applicable on some relatives as well and after releasing the book, their attitude and their reactions were unbelievable like I do not want to give any comments.

● What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

During lockdown 22nd march to 23rd May 2020, 14 hours in a day.

● What do you think makes a good story?

I really do not know.

● What is your writing process like?

I do not have any writing process. Trust me.

● What advice do you have for writers?

I cannot advice, the reason being my profession differs from writers ,well infect the reason of grand success of my book is An Author Shalini ji ,and entire team of Invincible publishers according to their skills /role and finally converted a great book which will give lesson to new comers for long long generations on this earth.

● How did this story occur to you?

This is true ,this is not a story ,this is a fact. Whatever I did since my primary school journey till now.

● What is the book all about?

Book will teach everyone as far as a student is concerned who sees a dream to become a doctor or an engineer and their parents think that his son should join Army, but on the other hand, he gets failure and could not become anything. Then how could be the reactions towards him from relatives, friends, etc. And suppose this failure continues in his life for about 30 years then can that particular person survive? So this book will teaches everyone if you getfailure never become frustrated/sad always feel happy, always see big dreams, always avoid other’s negative comments. If people are targeting on you, go ahead to search with your working efforts, always respect your seniorsand elders in your life and continue with targeting your successful career and family life as well and never feel jealous of others’ success or criticise others and do not think to become rich in a day. Always try to avoid if competitors create problems. But when it goes above the head then take help of the judiciary. Always learn, and learn more. Do not think that if your duty hours is 8 hours, you will work 8 hour only. If boss expects extra work from you, you should do it. Always learn other skills, that helps you to increase your managerial cadre. A man should never think negative. Always face whatever hurdles comes in his life. One should face all hurdles and problems and God will also help you in your life.

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