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Manpreet Kaur

Manpreet Kaur

Manpreet Kaur


• Can you tell me something about yourself?
I’m on a journey from exploring myself to exploding myself. With no normal visions, aA wild enthusiast, properly known as the bizarre Indian housewife. An aim to put this name on every Indian housewife to make them proud of themselves. No matter who she is, working, a single mother, or divorced., single. A lady is a born housewife as some traits are always there because of the default grace. My quotes and blogs are available on Wix, toi, your quote, and many other platforms…

• How is your book different from others?
First of all, where there is poetry involved, it is gonna be different. Regarding bizarre, it is a collection of light-hearted poems written with a heavy heart and full of emotions. ..Every woman who’s gone through a joint family experience but she’s an independent one inside can feel the emotions behind these poems. So, How an early marriage affects the life of a woman and her hope to become something in life is what this book is a mixture of.in this book

• Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?
My mentor, my teacher, and my inner cyclone were not letting me sleep and something inside me really hit me hard to become a published writer. , Information was all inside me in the form of experiences in life and my diary. And for ideas, they re whereas invincible. I have seen a lot of solitude in my life. I didn’t have friends in my school life. I used to wander alone in the school garden. And mostly adolescence too went being alone. By that time, words inside me were on marination and were about to pop like popcorn. ..Hence, when I first went through a terrible marriage experience, I started writing on everything in my diary and kept on penning collecting poems and quotes.

• What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your book?
There was a time when I used to buy comics from the railway station and other books as well. Those were simple and not that attractive, but to read them was an unusual experience. every time. But now you have to put so much in the book to make it through the market. Teaser, trailer, author’s interview, promotion, etc. I think these were not needed in earlier times. Only powerful content was enough, however, n Now along with powerful content, you need skills for becoming famous.

• What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?
Me, mI, me and my tea, my, A table &chair, with a comfortable position and no one to disturb. This is the most common scenario to expect while someone writes. However, mine is when I write either while I’m cooking, driving, in a meeting, or doing something really important. A, also, when I’m about to be in a state of deep sleep. Words come to me in these moments, and then I have to write and work also as well.

• What do you think makes a good story?
A good story is a compilation of vowels, a for absorption, e for experiences, iI for interest, interest, o for observation, and u for understanding. What you personally go through or imagine is a very important part of writing a book.
PP. Ss. It’s good if you’re hurt and wanna want to write.

• What is your writing process like?
I don’t want any solitude to write. Words come to me in utter chaos. If I would wanna write in silence,s that would be compulsive. For some times, yes, this helps. A laptop, rain, and a perfect scenario outside your window and a cup of tea in your hand. But words which are my best friend come to me when I’m about to sleep, or when I’m in a meeting or working in the kitchen.

• What advice do you have for writers?
Never force yourself to write just to have a lifestyle of writers. I, if it comes from inside only then you should go for it. And always make sure to write your heart out.

• How did this story occur to you?
This is a collection of poems which occurred to me step by step in my life. Some are incidents and some are experiences.

• What is the book all about?
This book is about a girl who got married at a very tender age. and what she goes went through in a family, which is a big one. It is about her life in aA joint family and her desire she wants to be free.

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