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Naseha Sameen

Naseha Sameen

Naseha Sameen

Letting her imagination run wild, Naseha Sameen made a great effort to bring this fictional story as close to the authentic ancient Indian culture. Her considerate attention to detail brings the readers to experience the flavours of India and its history.

Through her book “Heir: Dawn of deception” the author gives you a basic idea of history and the families’ lineages. It is an enchanting, slow-paced and interesting story with fascinating and captivating characters that will absorb you in their world and make you live and feel the romance and drama.

What does the future hold for Roop; the Queen who cared more for the Crown than her love. How did Tamira – who lurked in the shadows change Padmakishori?
What did the soothsayer see in the river of future? Will Virsa ever forget his first love? Will Uday ever give Padmakishori the love she deserved?
Will history get repeated with Devdan?

And what would Padmakishori, a princess of 16 years was married off to a man older than her father but a powerful king to give both the kingdom of Jodhgarh and Garvpundir an heir, do?

Trapped in a loveless marriage, how will she change the fate written for her?

From the heart of mountains to barren desert, Heir is her journey from a naïve princess to the Queen she never thought she would be. Her life tempered with conspiracies’, and myths of Jodhgarh.

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