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• Can you tell something about yourself?
I am Promila Gupta. I am a civil servant. I am an IRTS officer from the 2005 exam of UPSC. I always loved reading and writing but never pursued my writing abilities very seriously earlier.

• How is your book different from others?
My book is my truth. I felt and realized every word that I have written. The readers can feel the depth of emotions and resonate with what I have felt and expressed in my book because they are deeply suppressed in most of us and we always struggle to understand and handle them.

• Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?
I got ideas and information for my book mainly from my own understanding of life and the human mind and soul. But great books by Rhonda Byrne and many Indian authors like Sri Paramhans Yogananda also inspired me.

• What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your book?
I knew that I am good at expressing my thoughts but when I could actually write a book, I learned about my own abilities to write so much that a book can comply. I was happy to see my enormity.

• What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?
I mostly write on weekends. The lockdown period gave me ample time to write.

• What do you think makes a good story?
A good story is one that makes you feel love and loved in the end. Love for your own self, your life, and everyone and loved by your own self, your life, and everyone!

• What is your writing process like?
I am mostly spontaneous. I don’t force myself for writing. I write after I do all other important chores being an officer and mother of a small child. But I don’t ignore my writing instinct when I feel like writing.

• What advice do you have for writers?
I will advise budding writers to focus on their true feelings and opinions and not just write for sake of writing.

• How did this story occur to you?
The story of my first book ‘How I became the Universe’ occurred to me when I felt drastic changes in my way of looking and perceiving things after I began to do Chakras cleaning and energizing meditation. My metamorphosis made me feel like writing my experience so that others too can be benefited.

• What is the book all about?
The book is my story of self-realization that happened to me at a point in time when I was least expecting it. It made me feel so happy and healed that I was made to write it by my soul. The book truly aims at sharing my happiness with others and telling them about the secret of happiness to world which is the real secret of The Secret.

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