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Rajat Tewari

Rajat Tewari

Rajat Tewari

A scintillating exposition of Organisational Culture and how to mould it for success and growth … a must-read for every leader!’TOI

* Are some of your employees disengaged at work?
* Are there unresolved conflicts among your team members?
* Do you struggle to keep your customers happy?
* Do some of your well planned strategies fail?

Culture drives the success of any business, group or family

As the world becomes more complex and uncertain by the day, the biggest challenge for leaders is to understand Culture and how to shape it for success.

Cultures are invisible, pervasive forces which permeate every aspect of our lives. We engage in different cultures at home, at work and in our social groups. Cultures drive our behaviour and if we understand and mould them they can motivate our teams, improve productivity and deliver profitability and growth

In Shaping Culture for Organisational Success, Rajat Tewari brings a compelling and practical exposition of Culture, it’s elements, and impact on our lives. This book also presents a detailed step wise process to build and shape your business culture. This book will help you to:

Understand what “culture” really is and how it impacts your business, social group or family
Identify the ‘gaps’ in your Culture which are thwarting growth and success
Apply proven methods and tools to shape the culture
Sustain and improve the Cultural change over time

Shaping Organisational Culture for Success will give you the knowledge, confidence and tools to shape your Culture.

A scintillating exposition of Organisational culture | Rajat Tewari

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